Sparś (स्पर्श्)
Sanskrit word that means “touching people’s lives”

True to its meaning, this registered not-for-profit organization has been designed to provide special needs individuals an array of opportunities through vocational training, thereby enabling them to achieve their individual goals and elevating their potential as members of our community.

What We Do

At the organization, our young adults work together, learn and create products that are unique and beautiful. All individuals are assessed by the supervisors and assigned tasks according to their own skill levels. They are trained to master skills such as sticking, folding, beading, measuring, block printing, quilling, chocolate making, etc.

The product development process is broken down into tasks that they can manage. With one-on-one help and guidance they are engaged in producing a range of high-quality products made with attention and love, which are the symbols of their empowerment.


Doing these daily activities and working together as a team provides routine, increases confidence, instills communal skills, social skills, patience and understanding. This has made Sparsh a very close knit group with strong bonds. Sparsh also gives them opportunities of social integration; an essential and important aspect of life.

100% money raised by Sparsh goes to the needy or to cover incidental expenses, rental and raw material. All the leaders and volunteers work at Sparsh work for free & only to serve the cause of Special Needs Adults.

Our Team

The amazing team behind Sparsh

Our History

Started in 2013, Sparsh is a not-for-profit organisation committed to helping individuals with Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Autism and other intellectual disabilities to become self-reliant.

Through a variety of activities and workshops, we have seen a positive impact on special needs individuals and are now looking to grow Sparsh to widen the reach.

Our Values

  • Freedom
  • Independent Living
  • Equality
  • The right to meaningful work
  • Choice
  • Sharing
  • Encouragement
  • Friendship